The Wind River High Route

Back when I was working on my geography degree in college, I'd often eat my lunch in the map library geeking out on the Gannett Peak USGS quadrangle. I was an awe of the vast ice sheets and ridiculously steep and rocky peaks—I dreamed of adventuring in the high...

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Giddyup Time at the 2018 Bighorn 100

Back on a warm sunny morning in June of 2012, I vividly remember sitting in the wide, artsy alley just off of Sheridan's main drag at the post-Bighorn Trail Run pancake breakfast, listening to Mike Foote talk about his big win in the 100-mile race. I was in awe,...

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A Whale of a Tale: 2018 Orcas Island 100

"How fast is your slow, Gabe?" I thought to myself, as I was resisting the urge to keep pace with the few huffing and puffing speedy guys that blew by me on each downhill early on in the Orcas Island 100. The first 50k of a hundred mile race are all about keeping your...

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A 100-Mile Trifecta

The Wasatch 100 lottery gods looked upon me with kindness and favor yesterday, giving me another chance to run the sunny and steep ridges of the Utah's Wasatch Front. I've been itching to go back after my 2015 effort at the race ended early at mile 87 with a missed...

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Is the Struggle Real?

It’s completely dark out, with only a fading quarter moon to accompany my headlight as I run uphill. The temperature is cold, but very reasonable for a Wyoming December morning. I try to keep my cadence rhythmic as my shoes bite into the hard snow crunch crunch crunch...

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So Fresh

My fall break from running and training is over, and the sun is setting on 2017. Lottery season is well underway and races all over the west are selling out in a week—or less. I wasn't as lucky this year with the Hardrock lottery, but fortunately there are so many...

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The Importance of Not Running

Some people like to go all in. I’m probably one of those people, most of the time anyways. I’ve never liked the idea of doing anything halfway, and often think of commitment like jumping across a raging, ice cold, boulder and log strewn creek. You don’t leap over that...

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Hardrock 100

The first climb up Dives-Little Giant Pass (photo credit: iRunFar)As I stood at the starting line in Silverton, listening to the buzz of the crowd and media, and the nervous chatter of all the runners, I found myself surprisingly relaxed. Maybe relaxed isn’t the right...

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My Road to Hardrock

About eight years ago I had this really ridiculous idea that I should sign up for one of those really long mountain races. You see, I just finished up a long and competitive college soccer career and was looking for a good challenge. I enjoyed spending a lot of time...

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