If 2014 was a good year for me, 2015 is going to be a barnburner.

Here is a list of races and events that are keeping me up at night:

March 31 — Zion Traverse
April 18 — Desert Rats Double Marathon
May 23 — Moccasin Lake Challenge
June 19 — Bighorn 100
August 9 — Estimated arrival of a new addition to the family
September 11 — Wasatch 100

A couple other of events that I am planning, but don’t have a concrete date yet are:

  • Improved Wind River Peak FKT attempt
  • Ascent of Gannett Peak
  • Never before run route connecting Lander and Jackson, Wyoming, through the Wind River and Gros Ventre mountains.  It might be tough to fit this one in, but it is longstanding dream of mine.
So with all this exciting stuff, what are the priorities?  Family is always top priority, so adding a second child to the family is a big deal.  No big races for Jenny this year, instead, we get to share the challenge and excitement of parenthood.  I expect this to kick my ass more than anything else on the list.
Next priority?  I’m really taken with the one-hundred mile distance.  One of my biggest motivations for endurance running is that I get to see the most mountain terrain in the least amount of time.  One-hundred mile races are highly effective for this.  I also love the logistics, team aspect, and culture of the distance.  Some people run hundred mile races on their own, which is awesome, however I enjoy sharing it with my family, friends, crew, other racers, and volunteers.  With that being said, Bighorn 100 is a huge priority for me.  Its Wyoming’s premier trail race and I want to represent my state well.  Plus, there is an element of redemption for this race; the Bighorn 50 in 2012 was my first ultra marathon race, and it was kind of a celiac induced disaster.  I’m looking forward to going back to this course and doing things right.

Keeping with the 100 mile theme, Wasatch 100 is a massive goal for me.  I’ve applied in the past with no luck, but this year I was more fortunate and I’m not taking that lightly.  The long climbs and high elevations suit me well and to say I am merely looking forward to the challenge would be an understatement.

Well, that’s it, that is the 2015 plan.  There probably will be a few other shorter, local races squeezed in the schedule as well, but I’ll have to see how it all shakes out.  Thanks for following along and for your support.  Happy trails in 2015, I’ll see you out there.

A lot to learn: one month old daughter and first ultra race back in 2012